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Personal Trainer – Fitness Instructor – Spinning Instructor – Martial Artist

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Back in 1998 at the age of 4 I started traditional Wado Ryu Japanese Karate and by the age of 12 I had achieved a Black Belt 1 Dan. Ever since, I loved fitness, discipline, determination, hard work and results in everything that I do in life. Prestige Fitness Corfu is my ultimate way to give you results in anything you set your mind to and to help you achieve your fitness goals by sharing with you the thirst and determination to see the results you always wished for.


Personal Trainer, Semi Pro Footballer, Martial Artist 


Since a very young age I remember myself being fascinated by fitness and being a very active and sporty child.
This love only grew stronger as the years passed by and combined with my love, talent and hard work I managed to become a semi pro football player. Finally I’ve decided to fulfill my dream and follow a career in the fitness industry as an ambitious personal trainer in order to help others reach their personal fitness goals.
I love working out with free weights and my ultimate goal is to abolish the “fear” some or most girls have when it comes to weight lifting and help them alter their understanding in order to reach the results they always wanted in as little time as possible. Together with Nick  and Prestige Fitness we will make sure you reach your fitness goals and results you always dreamed of, so make the choice and invest in yourself.

Through our vast experience in the fitness industry and our personal fitness journey we now know for sure that there aren’t any special remedies, any magic pills, any easy options but only the use of research and science, knowledge, hard work, personal honesty and sheer determination to achieve your goals.

Our goal is to help you immensely reach yours.




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Qualified members of CIMSPA, EREPS and DNA Fit Trainer


I started traditional Japanese Karate at the age of 4, since then my love for martial arts has been unconditional. I was also trained in Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do and studied it for more than 4 years.

After training in Krav Maga, I have also been accepted by the International Krav Maga Federation in Tel Aviv Israel to become a senior Instructor under them after demonstrating online and proving my more than 10 year martial arts experience.


Our ultimate goal is to combine all of our experience and give true essence to the famous quote by Bruce Lee “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own”.

Our goal is to teach you in as few hours and lessons as possible how to ultimately defend yourself against any real street case scenario by combining and teaching what we have grown to know as useful from all the martial arts we have studied.

By mixing and matching techniques by these martial arts, we will make sure that if and when a situation arises you sure will be ready, direct and critical.

My goal

“The only thing that no one can never take away from you, is the ability to know how to protect yourself and the ones you love”




After making the first step and having the holiday of your lifetime in Corfu, how about you gain some extra fitness and/or self defense knowledge that will not only follow you back home, but also will certainly help you achieve your goals and ambitions and finally reach your new self you always dreamed about. It’s time to make the choice and invest in yourself.